Our data inventory contains over 1 billion files encompassing documents, audio, video, images, all encompassing various file formats. We have also qualified all data with threat intelligence, file content, and metadata, all while utilizing the power of Solr open source search as well as other tools.

Threat Intelligence

Our systems are constantly monitoring all levels and types of threats via classification, signature, location and more.

IP/DMCA Analysis

We assist in research by locating Intellectual Property and DMCA content. We are here to provide your organization with unparalleled tools that sense the location of your content and report in real time back to your organization so that you can act quickly to protect your clients.

Legal & Case Management

Find That File has cataloged hundreds of millions of pages from documents of all types to help you locate information for your organization to support research, case building and more.

Reputation & Brand Management

With our current inventory of media and documents, as well as ours constant updates, we are able to provide an efficient and reliable method for reputation and brand research.

Custom Relevance

Using the power of Apache Solr we are able to give you the data, access and relevance you need that is applicable to your needs with your very own control panel and custom feed delivery.

Current in-house data set:
1+ billion URLS encompassing 75+ years of audio and video footage, 182 million pages of documents.

HTTP, FTP, NNTP, eMule P2P, ADC/DC++ P2P, Gopher
Audio & Video files, Documents, EXIF images, PDF Documents, Bittorrent, Compressed archives such as ZIP/RAR (with the ability to look and catalog internal contents as well), Font files, Installers and executable software for Windows, Mac and Linux, RSS/XML

We have extremely flexible data delivery systems that work with various modes of delivery, such as: email alerts, cell alerts, STIX ,XML, JSON, API interfacing, as well as data dumps & more.

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